Sly Cooper Caught

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In the middle of a hot heist Nice guy Sly Cooper is caught by the super sexy-as-hell Inspector Carmelita. Caught red handed and with no escape Sly is slung into cuffs and at the mercy of rough and ready Carmelita. The sexy officer then pulls down her pants for Sly to see her huge “nightstick” propped up between her thighs. Always aware how to get out of jam, Sly immediately drops to his knees and gives sleuth shemale Carmelita the blowjob of her life. This totally turned Carmelita on, she span Sly around, and whilst still in his restraints, she entered his virgin hole, pounding away with all her might. Sly rode her hard dick in every position imaginable, trying to milk her cock dry and win her over. Being a true versatile bitch Carmelita then bent over and let sly fuck her own tight ass. Even though he was free from his handcuffs, Sly continued to fucked Carmelita’s ass and came all over her butt before lapping up his own cum. Still horny, Carmelita jerked her cock off and came over Sly, just before her escaped into the night.

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  1. sean Says:

    the retard that wrote this revolting tale in my opinion should be fried in the electic chair hung from a tree have his/her head cut off and fead to bears for insulting sly and his TRUE fans like myself

  2. Sly Fan Says:


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